Cincinnati-Area Domino’s Sued for Unpaid Wages

Markovits, Stock & DeMarco has filed a Class Action Complaint on behalf of pizza delivery drivers at nineteen Cincinnati, Ohio-area Domino’s Pizza restaurants.

UPDATE: Click here to see a recent article on Bloomberg Law regarding this lawsuit.


In the Complaint, the plaintiff-delivery driver alleges that Domino’s failed to pay him and other delivery drivers proper minimum wage in two ways: (1) delivery drivers are denied proper reimbursement for gasoline, auto maintenance, and other expenses when Domino’s pays them a flat reimbursement amount for each delivery, and (2) delivery drivers were impermissibly paid a “tipped wage” while performing non-tipped work inside the restaurant until May 2017 (i.e. delivery drivers were paid a “tipped wage” while being forced to perform non-delivery tasks inside the restaurant such as cleaning, taking food orders, building pizza boxes, and completing other inside tasks).

The plaintiff seeks to recover unpaid wages on behalf of himself and all other delivery drivers at the Domino’s restaurants operated by Southern Ohio Pizza, Inc. who were subject to the same compensation policies.

Read the Class Action Complaint here.


  • Drivers must be properly reimbursed for all expenses including: gasoline, car maintenance, insurance, and other expenses.
  • A flat reimbursement fee—maybe $1.00 per delivery—is common. Often this flat delivery fee does not cover the costs listed above.
  • When performing non-delivery tasks (cleaning, taking food orders, boxing pizza, etc.) the delivery driver should be paid non-tipped minimum wage.
  • Drivers must be allowed to keep all of the tips they earn.

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