Eric Kmetz

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Eric is an associate at Markovits, Stock & DeMarco, where he practices in the areas of civil and commercial litigation.  He enjoys working with clients, helping them understand their legal rights, and working towards finding solutions.  He recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Law in 2014.

Eric spends much of his day assisting clients in the context of wage and hour law.  In this regard, Eric has helped several employees recoup lost wages from employers who have underpaid them, failed to pay for overtime, or simply did not pay them at all. Eric also helps employees understand the contours of non-compete agreements.

In addition to wage issues, Eric assists clients in matters related to contract disputes, antitrust or product defects.  With respect to contract disputes, Eric has helped clients enforce purchase/sales agreements and get out of lease/rental agreements.  In antitrust matters, Eric has culled through discovery documents and assisted in drafting/reviewing briefs, as well as preparing documents for other litigation-related filings. With respect to product defects, Eric sat second chair in a landmark trial against Toyota involving a defect in the mechanical throttle control system of its 1995 Camry. Eric directed witnesses, assisted in crafting opening statement and closing argument, and drafted briefs supporting the verdict on appeal.  This case was significant because a Minnesota man, Koua Fong Lee, was wrongfully convicted for causing a crash that resulted in the deaths of three individuals.  The trial, however, proved that a defect existed in Mr. Lee’s Camry, which is what caused his car to accelerate to 80+ mph as he exited the freeway.  A jury verdict resulted in more than $11 million awarded to the victims of the crash.  Mr. Lee is no longer in prison.

Since Eric is relatively new to the practice of law, he is excited that he is working at Markovits, Stock & DeMarco, where he is able to learn, and gain support from, a close group of attorneys who have broad and deep experience in their respective areas of practice.

Prior to entering law school, Eric worked in the film industry as a writer/director/producer. Eric wrote several screenplays – both originals and book adaptations – that sold to Hollywood studios such as Paramount, Columbia and New Line Cinema.  In the short film arena, Eric wrote/directed “Grasshopper,” a film starring James Franco, and produced “The Book & Rose,” which was short-listed for an Academy Award.


University of Cincinnati Law School, J.D. (2014)