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by | May 6, 2021 | Firm News

Did you receive a recent data breach notification from Health Aid of Ohio (“Health Aid”) concerning your sensitive health data? If so, please contact Markovits, Stock & DeMarco, LLC to understand your legal rights.

What happened?

Health Aid is a Parma, Ohio based full-service home medical equipment provider. On February 19, 2021, Health Aid detected suspicious activity on its network and later confirmed that sensitive files were accessed and exfiltrated from its system.[1] So far, it has been reported that the breach may have exposed the sensitive health and personal information of up to 141,149 individuals.[2]

What information was exposed?

It has been reported that data exposed in the breach may include individuals’ names, addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers, social security numbers, insurance information, diagnosis information, and information about the medical equipment used by victims of the breach.[3]

What if I think my data may have been exposed or I received a notification from Health Aid about the data breach?

If you would like to have a free, confidential consultation with an attorney to learn more about your rights and potential legal remedies, please contact Markovits, Stock & DeMarco attorney Terry Coates at (513) 651-3700, email us at [email protected], or submit a Case Evaluation request through the form below.


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