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  Uber Data Breach Class Action Investigation

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Class Action

Markovits, Stock & DeMarco, LLC, a law firm experienced in data breach class action litigation, is investigating claims on behalf of victims of a data breach involving data entrusted to Uber Technologies, Inc.  Uber Technologies is an international ride sharing company headquartered in San Francisco, California. The world’s largest ride-sharing company, Uber Technologies, was founded in 2009 and quickly grew to become the world’s most valuable startup and operates in 69 countries.

If you believe you are or could be a victim of the Uber Technologies cyberattack, please contact us as soon as possible to understand your legal rights in response to the data breach.

What Happened?

Uber confirmed that it suffered a major cyberattack on September 15, 2022 when a hacker infiltrated Uber’s network and began sharing screenshots of the company’s internal systems, email dashboard, and slack server.  The attackers were able to gain access to a treasure trove of sensitive data, including internal systems, email dashboard, Slack server, security software, Windows domain, Amazon Web Services console, VMware ESXi virtual machines, and the Google Workspace email admin dashboard.[1]  “They pretty much have full access to Uber,” said Sam Curry, a security engineer at Yuga Labs who corresponded with the person who claimed to be responsible for the breach. “This is a total compromise, from what it looks like.”[2]

What Data is Involved in the Uber Technologies Data Breach?

Uber Technologies has not released the type of data that was involved in the data breach.

What Should I do if have questions about the Uber Technologies Data Breach?

If you would like to have a free, confidential consultation with an attorney to learn more about your rights and potential legal remedies related to the Uber Technologies data security breach, please contact Markovits, Stock & DeMarco attorney Justin Walker at (513) 651-3700, email us at [email protected], or submit a Case Evaluation request through the form below.



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