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Nautilus and Bowflex Treadmill Investigation

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2020 | Firm News

Do you or a family member own a Nautilus or Bowflex treadmill with an advertised 2.75 Continuous Duty Horsepower (CHP) or greater?

Markovits, Stock & DeMarco, LLC is investigating a potential class action lawsuit against Nautilus and/or Bowflex for apparent inflated continuous duty horsepower (CHP) representations used during the marketing, advertising and sale of Nautilus and Bowflex treadmills.

If you purchased one of the treadmills listed below you may be able to join the class action lawsuit investigation that could entitle you to future benefits:

Brand Model Name Advertised CHP
Nautilus TT618TT616


3.5  CHP3.0  CHP

2.75 CHP

Bowflex BXT216BXT116 4.0  CHP3.75 CHP

Treadmill purchasers who review and base their treadmill purchase on the advertised continuous duty horsepower (CHP) when purchasing the Nautilus and Bowflex treadmills are entitled to know what they are actually purchasing and know that the treadmills appear not to produce the advertised CHP at any time during ordinary use. There is currently an investigation into Nautilus and Bowflex’s representations that the treadmills produce 2.75 CHP or greater.

In the event you’d like to learn more about this investigation or you own a Nautilus or Bowflex treadmill, please contact us immediately so that we may review whether you have a claim.

CONTACT: [email protected] or (513) 651-3700; Attorney Terry Coates, Markovits, Stock & De Marco, LLC, 3825 Edwards Road, Suite 650, Cincinnati, OH 45209.