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Strength in numbers can make a difference

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Class Action

Class action lawsuits allow plaintiffs to have more power than they would have by suing individually. They also make it easier for the court system to manage the influx of lawsuits with the same claim against a single defendant. 

Cornell Law School explains class action cases involve multiple consumers who have been a victim of bad business practices, faulty products or other misdeeds of large companies. 

Time and expense may prohibit individual litigation 

A person can bring a lawsuit against the company alone, but there may be prohibitive details. For example, large companies employ expensive legal representation to protect the company against claims. They work to defend the company from those who try to hold it liable for wrongdoing. 

Litigation against such a company can be difficult and time-consuming, costing considerable money for those attempting to receive compensation for their damages. 

Representation handles the case for multiple plaintiffs 

With a class action lawsuit, people who have the same claim against a company can hire representation to handle the case for all of them at once. When a person opts in to a class action lawsuit, he or she will likely not have to do anything more. The case proceeds and the plaintiffs receive notice about the outcome. 

Accountability results in justice and safety for consumers 

The company’s attorneys would likely be able to defeat individuals who try to sue the company alone. There would be no justice for victims, and the company would be able to continue with bad business practices or faulty products that harm consumers. 

The company’s attorneys may find it more difficult to build a solid defense when a large group of people all have the same claim and present these to the court at the same time. As a result, the legal system may then hold large companies accountable for their actions and mistakes. Consequently, consumers enjoy safer products, and businesses maintain higher standards of quality.